Axiall is a new leader in the chemistry sector, with holdings and expertise in chlor-alkali and chlorovinyl materials. It provides a breadth of chemistries and derivatives essential to the creation of a vast array of consumer, professional, and industrial products and applications.

Axiall is also an industry ambassador: an articulate educator and advocate for the benefits of chlorine and chlorine derivatives-their prevalence in everyday life, sustainability, safety, and life-enhancing impact.


Axiall is a new kind of company. One that delivers and balances the desired amenities of a modern society with human safety and progress; and environmental stewardship with sustained economic performance through innovation, responsible industrial practice, and rigorous operational efficiency.

Our company name is based on a real word-'axial'-meaning: relating to, characterized by, or forming an axis. It's also a word with a history of use in chemistry (axial bonds, axial flow) and construction (axial plans, axial orientation)-our core businesses.

The name Axiall expresses the essence of our business strategy in a unique, memorable way. It references two axes: the vertical axis, along which core material production is integrated with finished products; and the horizontal axis, which represents the diversity of our businesses and opportunities for further expansion.

The meaning, in turn, inspired the tagline: 'at the intersection of chemistry and progress,' which expresses our larger corporate aspirations to enhance life through applied chemistry.