‘Pro Therm’: World class CPVC made right here in India – for the first time ever

At its state-of-the-art plant in Kota, Shriram Axiall produces India’s first advanced line of ProTherm CPVC. ProTherm is a key ingredient in potable pipes, chemical transfer pipes and sprinkler systems – applications that require exceptional heat deflection properties and stability.

ProTherm CPVC properties: While CPVC and PVC have many features in common (for example, fire resistance), there are key differences as well:

  • ProTherm CPVC can withstand corrosive water at high temperatures (40º C to 50º C/104º F to 122 º F)
  • ProTherm CPVC is far more ductile and has great mechanical strength: Pipes made of ProTherm CPVC can replace metal pipes in conditions where metal’s susceptibility to corrosion limits its use
  • Malleability: Easy to machine, weld, bend and shape

The Pro Therm range: 4303 & 4300 for pipes and 4529 & 4526 for fittings.